Mamadou Saliou Diallo Profile - CEO

portrait saliouMamadou Saliou Diallo is an economic operator, founder of several companies in Guinea and Africa.

Youngster, in the early 1980s, he sold it hot bread freshly baked, the early morning, winding alleys and streets of Conakry. He counted his recipes, daily, with a few cents profit.

After twenty years of sacrifice, he was finally able, in 1992, to set up his first company called SGI that become SONOCO Group in 2004.

Today this group he founded has become a conglomerate recognizable to its ethics, mission it was assigned and its clear vision, which is that of being a responsible corporate citizen, leader in its business sectors.

Self-taught, he had to fill this handicap by developing an entrepreneurial spirit, listening to the surrounding world to seize the opportunities, and avoid the threats while building on quality human resources to succeed in this venture. His credo is customer satisfaction, good governance and the reward of merit.

Sign of the times, his eyes riveted on the business, he fully participates in the birth of civic culture of his country.

He holds the position of President of the Association of Small and Medium Merchants in Guinea, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Conakry, member of the National Transition Council (CNT) from 2008 to 2013. He also played the sponsor for many socially beneficial causes.
  • Co-founder of the largest business association in Guinea (the Association of Small and Medium Merchants of Guinea)
  • Thirty years of expericne
  • 12 years as President of the Chamber of Commerce of Conakry
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